Congratulations to Prof. Chan Sin Wai for his book being selected as one of the Ten Good Books of 2019!

24 Feb 2020

Organised by Sino United Publishing Limited, "Ten Good Books" 2019 recommends ten most worth-reading books to readers.

Compiled by Prof. Chan, "A New Comprehensive Cantonese-Putonghua-English Dictionary" is the first translation reference book providing Putonghua and English equivalents of Cantonese words and expressions. The dictionary contains nearly 3,000 headwords, over 15,000 entries, and over 1,600 common Cantonese expressions and sayings, colloquialisms, idioms, and end-clippers. Supplemented with corresponding Putonghua and English words and phrases, Prof. Chan's book highlights the diverse biliterate and trilingual language culture of Hong Kong.  

Prof. Chan's work is featured with a special compilation technique, where entries and sub-entries are arranged in normal and reverse order. By showing their context and collocation, it can help readers deepen their understanding of the usage of words or phrases. 

Prof. Chan is Dean and Professor of the School of Humanities and Languages of Caritas Institute of Higher Education. He was Professor in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was also Director of the Master of Arts in Computer-aided Translation Programme and Director of the Centre for Translation Technology. His research interests include computer-aided translation, bilingual lexicography, and Chinese English translation.