Media coverage of CIHE&CBCC new programmes (BATT & BSAI)

02 Jul 2020
CIHE&CBCC will offer five new Bachelor's degree including Bachelor of Art (Honours) in Translation Technology (BATT) and Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Artificial Intelligence  (BSAI) as well as two Higher Diploma programmes in the coming 2020/21 academic year. 

In the press conference held on 12 June 2020, Prof. Chan Sin Wai (Dean, School of Humanities and Languages) and Prof. Anthony Chan (Dean, School of Computing and Information Sciences) briefed the media on the programme features and career prospect of Bachelor of Art (Honours) in Translation Technology and Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Artificial Intelligence respectively. Relevant news coverage is as follows (Chinese only):

(香港01)明愛專上學院開AI課程 扣除政府資助後學費可低至5000多元
(星島)明專全港首辦 人工智能自資學士
(明報)明專增翻譯科技學士課程 結合翻譯電腦技術 DSE滿14分派3萬獎學金

Students who are interested in the aforementioned two subject areas can apply for the programmes NOW!