News coverage of BSPT students

07 Dec 2020
Students of Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physiotherapy (BSPT) shared their reasons for applying for CIHE BSPT programme in a press interview. Below is relevant media coverage (Chinese only):

(Apply Daily) 空服員收入減 讀物理治療自救

(Apply Daily) 明愛首屆物理治療課程吸引近七百人報名 空姐空少疫境尋出路

(Ming Pao) 空服重回校園 讀物理治療盼助同行

(Hong Kong Economic Times空姐空少「降落了」 疫境轉型報讀學士盼當物理治療師

(Hong Kong Economic Times)  物理治療師渴市 非聯招收生逾670人爭50學額

(Sing Tao) 空服員疫下「轉跑道」 入讀明專物理治療

(HK01) 疫情衝擊航空業 空姐空少轉讀物理治療搵新出路:或是命運的安排

Interested DSE students must apply for this SSSDP programme via JUPAS (JUPAS code: JSSA03) by 9 Dec.