CIHE collaborates with the Hospital Authority to launch Nursing Professional Education Programme

22 Mar 2021

Caritas Institute of Higher Education (CIHE), in collaboration with the Hospital Authority (HA) will launch a Nursing Professional Education Programme (NPEP) this year. After completion of the four-year programme of HA nursing schools and an additional year of study, graduates will be awarded a top-up Bachelor of Health Sciences with Honours Degree (nursing stream). Below is relavant news coverage (Chinese only):

(NOW news) 醫管局與自資院校合作提升護士課程至四年制 可銜接至學士學位課程

(Oriental Daily) 醫管局3所護士學校護理課程 將提升至4年制

(HKET) 醫管局與明愛專上學院合作 3所護士學校課程由3年轉至4年制

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