Media Coverage of COVID-19 Rehabilitation Programme on Elderly

26 Apr 2022

The "COVID-19 Rehabilitation Programme on Elderly" was launched by CIHE School of Health Sciences and the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited, sponsored by the Rotary Club of City Northwest Hong Kong. The aim of the programme is to restore the physical and cardiovascular function of Elderlies recovered from COVID-19 by physiotherapy and home exercise.

The closing ceremony was held on 25/4/2022, representatives of organizers and participants were invited to give a sharing. A set of home exercises developed by CIHE Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy was also demonstrated, hoping that the programme outcome can benefit more elderlies. Here are the related news coverage(Chinese only):

多個機構合研長者疫後復康訓練 助提升身體機能 (晴報)
康復後家居運動 年紀大亦增體能 (東方日報)
專上學院與社福機構助染疫者 參加者2個月後身體機能改善 (東網)
明愛專上學院陽光計劃助染疫康復長者鍛鍊 六分鐘步行距離增兩成 (HK01)
明專助新冠康復長者 回歸健康生活 (星島) *Link not available