6 Students From the School of Social Sciences Awarded Full Scholarships from Lee Hysan Foundation

16 Dec 2022
6 Students From the School of Social Sciences Awarded Full Schoalrships from Lee Hysan Foundation
The Lee Hysan Foundation donated to Caritas Institute of Higher Education (CIHE) earlier this year to establish the Educational Milestone Scholarship, designed explicitly for ally diverse communities towards career development opportunities in social work and health care. The scholars are chosen for their contribution to the minority communities but for their service to Hong Kong. They represent the goals under "SERVE" – Solidarity, Empowerment, Re-orientation, Variety and Embodiment. Six students of CIHE's Felizberta Lo Padilla Tong School of Social Sciences who are reading social work received full tuition scholarships. 
The six students are Syeda Sadaf IMRAN, Sabah KHALID, Chowdhry MEHNDI, Abid NAIEELA, Kandel PARTIBA and Boonklum VARISARA. They are currently studying the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours), Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) (Part-time conversion)or the Higher Diploma in Social Work programmes.  

Topick(經濟日報):【貢獻社會】疫下自組天水圍共融單車隊 明專6名少數族裔社工學生獲全額獎學金

Am730: 6位明愛專上學院社會工作課程學生 獲利希慎基金資助全額學費