Caritas Institute of Higher Education granted the university title and renamed Saint Francis University

09 Jan 2024

Caritas Institute of Higher Education (CIHE) welcomes the approval by the Chief Executive in Council and is pleased to announce that it is renamed Saint Francis University (聖方濟各大學), enriching the post-secondary education sector with quality learning opportunities, and recognizing young people who aspire for professional development.

 Saint Francis University will continue its long-standing mission and is committed to offering flexible and diversified study pathways in line with societal and student needs, including the area of Health Sciences that encompasses nursing, physiotherapy and other subjects, and the area of Social Services encompassing related professional subjects, to help nurture the talents and manpower needed for building a Healthy Hong Kong and a Caring and Inclusive Society.  Its cross-disciplinary area of Techno-Humanities & Business, encompassing artificial intelligence, digital entertainment technology, language and culture and translation technology, is in line with the development of the Eight Centres, enabling students to share the opportunities, and contribute their efforts and talents.  With the much-appreciated support of stakeholders, its student enrolment has been increasing every year in recent years.

 The University will also continue to enrich its postgraduate programmes.  Following the launch of its Master of Corporate Governance (MCG) programme, the new Master of Nursing and Allied Health (MNAH) programme to be launched early this year, and more postgraduate programmes in different disciplines are being planned.

 To support the Education Bureau's pilot scheme to develop applied degrees, the University has taken the lead in implementing the Nursing Applied Degree programme and has taken the initiative to promote STEM Education in secondary schools.  The University is working to launch the Applied Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree and other programmes that integrate practicum experience and work closely with the industry, to help meet the strong manpower needs and lift the competitiveness of Hong Kong's human resources.

 The University is committed to whole person development, encouraging students to serve with love in giving back to society.  Saint Francis University will continue to collaborate with its sister Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (CBCC), as well as other partners, to provide flexible diversified through-train pathways to success so that aspiring young people can achieve their goals, regardless of their starting points.

Press Release of the Government of HKSAR: