The Public Affairs Office (PAO) manages the promotion and public relations activities of the institute including admission and recruitment, branding and marketing, media and public relations, and other public affairs.  The PAO plans and implements policies, guidelines, and processes for these activities, oversees resource allocation, and monitors the production and quality of promotional materials.  The office also plans and organises events to recruit students locally and internationally, ensuring that all materials are accurate, up-to-date, and aligned with Saint Francis University's vision and values.  The PAO plays a critical role in promoting the University and its programmes, attracting and retaining students, building brand awareness, and enhancing the institute's reputation.

Admission and Recruitment Team

The Admission and Recruitment Team employs a career coaching approach to attract and enroll students by building relationships with secondary schools and higher education institutions. The team actively engages in various activities such as school talks, visits, and education expos to generate admission applications. Trained in career and life planning, the team provides support to each applicant in the selection and application process. They also manage admission scholarships and operate the Engagement and Experience Centre during the Admission Exercise.

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Branding and Marketing Team

The Branding and Marketing Team is responsible for creating innovative branding and marketing campaigns, as well as producing professional-level graphic and video content. They have successfully launched campaigns such as "Meet the Next U" and the "English Learning Academy" YouTube channel. The  team focuses on expanding the University's social media presence and advertising efforts.  They also offer assistance with promotion and design, and are the gatekeepers of the institution's brand image.

Media and Public Relations Team

The Media and Public Relations Team manages the press and media, and creates content for various publications such as the Newsletter, social media platforms, and the official website. They actively seek publicity opportunities and facilitate interviews and coverage for initiatives such as anti-pandemic efforts, research releasesstakeholder collaborations, and donation ceremonies.

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