Name CHIU Dah Ming
Title Professor
Address Rm 904
School School of Computing and Information Sciences
Research interests Applying mathematical modeling techniques


Dah Ming CHIU received his first degree (Electrical Engineering) from Imperial College London in 1975, and his Ph.D. degree (Applied Mathematics) from Harvard University in 1980. After finishing his studies, he worked in industry for several high tech companies of his time: AT&T Bell Labs, Digital Equipment Corporation and Sun Microsystem Labs. He returned to Hong Kong in 2002 to become a professor in the Department of Information Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He served as department chairman from 2009 to 2015, and retired in 2017. He is currently an Emeritus Professor at CUHK. 

His most recognized research work is on defining the network traffic control problem as a resource allocation problem and proposing an effective dynamic and distributed mechanism, which is what was originally implemented in Internet's TCP congestion control. For this contribution, he was recognized as IEEE Fellow. This work is included in many textbooks on computer networks. He is well-known in the computer networking community, and is frequently invited to give keynote speech and invited talks in that community. In 2013, he was the general co-chair of ACM Sigcomm, the most prestigious computer networking conference, held in Hong Kong with record breaking attendance. 

His research training and interest is in applying mathematical modeling techniques (including operational research, control, optimization, statistics and data analysis) to different real world problems. His PhD thesis was on query answering strategies in distributed database systems; his other research efforts include reliable multicast, peer-to-peer systems and various related problems in content distribution in the Internet, economic problems related to the Internet, network measurement and management problems. 

More recently, his interest has shifted more towards applied data analysis, applied to different scenarios. A significant project starting in 2010 was in analyzing academic publication's citation and co-authorship networks, trying to better understand academic influence, social connections and productivity, and various aspects of the academic ecosystem. He also worked various other data analysis problems including: recommendation systems for social networks (collaboration with Tencent), ride-on-demand pricing (collaboration with a real-world RoD company), campus dormitory electricity usage reporting and policies (collaboration with Lee Woo Shing College of CUHK), and efficient panoramic video streaming through understanding user viewing behavior (collaboration with a start-up company).

Selected Publications

Representative publications:

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